What’s the maximum transfer rate I can get?

Well, this depends on many factors. Our testing indicates that speeds between 20-40 Mbps are optimal in most cases. Some users with high-end devices were able to reach even greater speeds at around 75 Mbps.

Help me! The transfer rate is very slow, what can I do?

Try turning off WiFi on both sender and receiver before starting SuperBeam. This will force direct mode to kick in when you start sharing which will allow for much greater speeds.

Is there any limitation on the number of files I can send?

No! You can send unlimited number of files of any type and size, as long as the receiving device has enough space to store them. This applies to both the free and paid version of SuperBeam.

Where do the received files go?

All received files are stored by default in the internal storage under SuperBeam directory. PRO version users get the option to change this to any other directory they prefer.

Which TCP ports does SuperBeam use for sharing data?

SuperBeam uses the first available port from the following pool: 8080, 8888, 8081, 9000, 9999, 9090, 10000, 54321 and 55555. If all of these ports were used, it will select a randomly available port instead.

Does SuperBeam support carrier-locked (on-contract) devices?

Unfortunately, most carrier-locked devices have inherent limitations that block SuperBeam from starting the connection. These device can only receive files through SuperBeam, and send to other devices that are connected to the same WiFi network.

I get “Connection drop” errors every time I try to receive files. What should I do?

Turn off WiFi on the sending device before starting SuperBeam, then retry sharing. If you must have both devices connected to the same WiFi network, make sure that your network firewall allows connection to the ports indicated earlier.

I’m not satisfied, the refund window has expired and I’d like to get a refund. Is that possible?

Sure thing! Just contact us using the form below and provide your order number to get a full refund at any time. We’d be really grateful if you could include details about the issues you have so we can avoid them in the upcoming updates.