• Files Fly with SuperBeam.

  • If you have up to 2GB to send, or pictures to distribute to your friends, this app is king.

  • A great file transfer tool for power users.

  • Superbeam is an innovative app that could spell the end for Bluetooth as a means of sharing content between devices.

  • A very clever little app that I think could revolutionise file-sharing.

People Behind SuperBeam

It takes a couple of twin brothers to make it all happen.

Majed Alhajry
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Majed Alhajry

Team Lead

Android developer, computer scientist & hardcore programmer. Loves anything starting with Ph (PHP, Photography & Physics!)

Mazen Alhajry
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Mazen Alhajry

Sr. Software Engineer

Everything C (C, C++, Objetive-C and C#), drinks Java to defeat Bluto.